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BLADE RUNNER # 2  Nov 1982

BLADE RUNNER # 2 Nov 1982

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A Marvel Movie Special - "Blade Runner: part 2 of 2!" Based on the screenplay by Hampton Fancher and David Peeples. Adapted by Archie Goodwin. Art by Al Williamson, Carlos Garzon, Dan Green And Ralph Reese. Don't miss the exciting conclusion to the official comics adaptation of the classic science fiction thriller starring Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. In the not too distant future, mankind lives side-by-side with synthetic lifeforms known as replicants. These androids serve the human race in many different helpful capacities. But every now and then, these androids malfunction and threaten human lives. When that happens, special bounty-hunters known as Blade Runners are called in to deal with the situation. Of all the Blade Runners, Rick Deckard was the best. Now he is being forced out of retirement to deal with a gang of especially dangerous replicants. If Deckard survives this last case, one thing is for sure... his life will never be the same again.